What does this blog offer you?

For college students

I will offer what I’ve learned about classes, studying, roommates, mentors, jobs, study abroad, and anything else I can think of. Some are strictly logistical/practical, like essay writing tips or finding the right schedule.  Some will be more emotional/narrative (like my post about the experience of moving to Belfast), but I guarantee that you will find something useful in those kind of blogs--so much of college is about the experience of it. 

For high school students

I hope to build some usable resources and strategies for choosing a school and preparing for college, as well as providing some stories that will answer questions about what college is really like. Some specific posts that might interest you are:

For parents

For starters, I’m offering some insight into life for your college kid. But in the future I will also address specific parent-oriented college topics, like communication, finances, other logistical support, and ways to stay involved with your college kids.

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How to use this blog

If you are looking for a specific topic, look in the Categoriessection at the top right-hand column of the blog screen. That will give you the broad themes, like “choosing a college,” "Internships/volunteering," and “study tips.” If you don’t find what you’re looking for, the “Tags” section below that will have more specific topics, like “essays” or “scheduling.” These will take you to blogs I’ve written on the subject, and is the best way to get started if you’re new to the blog.

I can’t write this stuff in a linear fashion.

I considered trying to write sequentially, or publish blogs thematically, or to somehow finish one topic before I move to the next. But I can’t, and there’s a whole bunch of reasons. The first and most important is that I get too excited. There’s so much to say and so many different ways to come at any particular subject that I can’t imagine declaring a topic like “choosing a major” as finished. Ever. The second reason is that a blog is not a book: this is not a static document, but a resource that will change and grow in response to interest and time and new ideas. The final reason is that my brain starts spinning on a topic and I might have started writing about choosing classes but that makes me think of scheduling free time, which makes me think of hobbies and sports and sick days and that leads to emergencies and missing classes and how to schedule in travel or family visits and communicating with professors. So suddenly instead of a single, unified blog post, I’ve got a whole brainstormed list of ideas and topics and things to pursue in greater depth.

So here’s the key: I’m going to follow my passion. I hope that leads me to a useful and well-crafted set of posts that will answer your questions and help you make decisions. I hope they will tell a story and provide insight. And I hope you’ll enjoy them. My purpose here is to be of use. But it’s also to do what I love, and in a way that fills me with that kind of energy.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let me know.

Drop me a line at katie@mycollegeadvice.org or on twitter at @kdcollegeadvice and I’ll try to move that topic up my list of things to write about. I want to be here for you, to help make college the best it can be. So while I’m blithely typing finals studying tips, if you are desperately searching for advice on handling your roommate’s food “borrowing” habit, let me know. I’ve got a lot to say on that subject as well.

A couple of quick notes 

  1. This blog is mainly written for students attending universities in the United States. However, the ideas should apply more broadly around the world.  I would be interested to get feedback from non-US readers.
  2. My college experiences led to considerable ideological changes in my life. I'll inevitably be writing about some politically charged ideas, simply because of who I am and what I've experienced. I hope that any readers who disagree with my ideas can see some topics as universal, even if we might differ in political leanings.  
  3. What I'm sharing here is my opinion, and my original content. Like everything out there, I borrow ideas and stories from the world around me. I make every effort to give credit where it's due--if you are concerned about any content please contact me at katie@mycollegeadvice.org
  4. A note on the photos: all photos used on this site are taken by me unless captioned otherwise, and I have sought out permission from anyone pictured.