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I've selected articles that will be of particular interest to College Info Geek Podcast Listeners: 

As I described on the podcast, taking a college class in prison was a life-changing event which had enormous impact on my volunteering, education, and opportunities. Read more about my experience with the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program.  

Alternative Spring Breaks are one way that many students find those 'life changing experiences' and begin to develop their passions. Alternate breaks can also serve as a great introduction to future longer-term work and internship opportunities. Here's my guide to planning and preparing for a successful Alternative Spring Break

It is absolutely possible to create an internship opportunity where none has been advertised, and which is tailored to your interests and experiences. Here's a step-by-step guide to approaching an opportunity and crafting a self-directed opportunity by inventing an internship

Practice what you preach: here's the story of how I created an internship. I was first inspired by a class speaker, who I approached for an informational interview. Although my initial internship proposal was rejected, he arranged for an incredible grassroots volunteer experience in Honduras and became a mentor and friend. Read how in "Inventing an Internship, My Photojournalism Case-Study." 

Learning Spanish and communicating in a second language is a definite passion of mine, and is tangled up with my love for travel. Check out my Journey in Spanish Language Study

In the interview, I mentioned that sometimes you've got to just say 'yes' to outrageous opportunities that come along. Well... here's the story of how I said 'yes' to writing, editing, and project managing a book of photography for the Grammy Award Nominated band BASTILLE

For all you fellow book-loving nerds out there, check out one of my most popular posts on the site: "5 Books All Students Should Read BEFORE Freshman Year." 


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