Sunday Dinners: Thai Chicken Satay

Today's comfort food recipe is a bit more complicated than most, but makes for a delicious grilling opportunity for summer weekends and BBQ parties. This recipe comes from Aunt Mish, who has provided the majority of the recipes for this blog, from the simplest chicken and zucchini recipe to a series of "meals to impress girls" recipes that were first developed for her college-aged sons and have been used as easy-to-cook meals for all kinds of made-to-impress situations since (check out the beef stroganoff with buttered noodles).

When she sent on today's Thai chicken satay recipe, Aunt Mish wrote

I know that this has a few less common ingredients but it is a great summer grilling recipe. You will find yourself making it just so you can eat the peanut sauce.

Try it out for yourself, and enjoy!