Sunday Dinners: Tahitian Pork Chops from Aunt Mish

Aunt Mish, our loyal source of my favorite Sunday Dinners, is currently living through a home renovation project and is re-doing her kitchen. Luckily for us, this means she's getting back to a "simple cooking" phase, and sent this recipe along with the insight "If I learned anything from these 3 months of living without a “real” kitchen, it is that the recipes for students or people living in a small apartment are different than the ones I cook for myself – I am now proficient at cooking things that require only a single pan (or a skillet and another one for baking) and don’t have too many ingredients."

Thanks, Aunt Mish, and good luck with the home improvement project! I'm glad we're benefiting from your long (and probably painful) kitchenless experience.