Sunday Dinners: Chicken and Zucchini by Aunt Mish

Today's comfort food is brought to you again by my Aunt Mish, and her desire to send the family off to college with some delicious basics. Meals don't get much easier than this one!


As a side note, I'm a particular fan of this recipe on this rainy afternoon in Dublin because of one of those linguistic quirks between the two continents. Over on this side of the world, the recipe would be for chicken and courgettes. I have done my best to adopt the vocabulary of my adopted home, and the requisite British English. But there is something particularly offensive about food vocabulary. Courgettes don't sound at all appetizing, and while eggplant is not a particularly apt name for the vegetable, I find aubergine to fall equally short of appetizing.

So crunch into some American consonants and some good old fashioned zucchini with today's Sunday Dinner, friends. Enjoy!


Any thoughts? Recommendations? Linguistic whinging? Let me know!